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Our Mission

Let's change the world for women in coffee, one cup at a time

Our mission is to support female leadership by organizing and promoting women owned companies, through the entire coffee supply chain; from cultivation, exporting, importing, roasting to brand. With every cup of Muchacha Coffee that you enjoy you are changing lives of many women around the world , that´s support our mission for positive social impact.

Who we are

! No somos Machos, somos Muchas!!

We are Muchacha more than just a brand of coffee; we are a community that connects women all over the world to honor with their work and leadership.
We support your buying values by sharing a complete transparent and traceable female owned coffee supply chain


As a Latin young woman, I have many times experienced first hand the daily difficulties that woman face and the struggles they go through when climbing the corporate ladder. My name is Diana, I am from Medellín Colombia and that used to be my reality, just like it probably is for many of you around the world.
Only recently I understood the importance of inner strength, self-esteem, answering the call to help others and most importantly female empowerment. We can only nourish the world with our gifts when we have found them within us, and we can only find them when we believe that they exist. Now that I have discovered them I realized that my true vocation is to serve as the vehicle and channel to give that same confidence to as many women as possible.